So how to play fish shooting game to earn money?

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As I said before, every ammo is valuable, don’t throw it away. If you do that, you’ll definitely lose. Therefore, how to shoot fish is important to talk about. will be able to play and get profit

So how to play fish shooting game to earn money?

How to play fish shooting game

As for playing fish shooting games, it’s very simple, just control the direction of the gun, point it at the target fish and hit it. If the fish dies, we will get points. which each fish has a different pay rate But what is important to remember is that Every bullet we fire is our stake. Therefore, shooting randomly would not be good.

Let’s talk about the pay rate and let me explain more. Because each type of fish will have a pay rate that is not equal to A die-hard fish usually pays a lot. Fish that die easily tend to pay less. Even so, it’s not always like this. Some fish games are hard to die and pay less. So our job is to remember exactly which fish is worth the cost of the ammo.

As for the UFABET game elements, there is not much, there are aims, guns and ammunition, but what needs to be studied further is the details of the game. because in it will tell the pay rate of each fish In addition, in some game rooms, we will meet other players who will come together to shoot fish or hunt down boss fish as well. which has a maximum of 6 people per room