Lack of strength! UEFA confirms ‘Rangers-Napoli’ move on 14 September

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UEFA has confirmed that the Champions League match. Between Rangers and Napoli has been moved by a day to Wednesday, September 14. As there are not enough police officers to provide security.

UEFA has confirmed that the second leg of the Champions League Group. A match between Rangers host Napoli ‘s Ibrox Stadium on Tuesday has been confirmed. 

Lack of strength! UEFA confirms 'Rangers-Napoli' move on 14 September

The police to maintain order and problems in organizing the competition. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United States. 

UEFA also advised supporters to avoid unnecessary travel and to respect the situation. As Liverpool ‘s other group. Will open Anfield for the visit of Ajax Amsterdam attacked. The team from Dan Whiskey 4-0 has not confirmed.  Which will compete at the same time Tuesday September 13 at 8:00 PM or 2:00 AM in Thailand time. 

Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that their UEFA Champions League group stage Group D second leg match between Tottenham Hotspur will visit Sporting Lisbon on Tuesday September 13. Kick according to the original program. There was a technical glitch on the club’s website that posted. The next game to meet the team from Dan Foi Thong has to postpone the competition. 

However, the local club at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have denied the matter, stating that the message posted is inaccurate. The competition will proceed as planned. The UFABET club is investigating this issue urgently. And sorry for what happened that confused the fans.