Liverpool 5-2 Norwich: Collected after the FA Cup game, the Reds stormed home and advanced to the next round.

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The Reds are still not depressed even though Jurgen Klopp announced his departure from the team with a 5-2 home win over Norwich City last night.

Liverpool 5-2 Norwich: Collected after the FA Cup game, the Reds stormed home and advanced to the next round.

The atmosphere at Anfield is still lively.

This game was the first match that Liverpool played after Jurgen Klopp announced his separation from the team and it was played in their own home Anfield. Which many expected that the atmosphere in the game might be filled with sadness. And not as fresh as before. But in reality, the fans of The Kop, although deep down, are sad and disappointed in their hearts. But they still showed the spirit of the fans by cheering and singing lively, including making signs, both small and large, sending messages of thanks to the German boss for the nine years of suffering together.

Liverpool’s match was not disheartening.

From the fans’ perspective, let’s look at the players’ perspective. The question remains, after knowing the news, will the Liverpool players be demoralized or will they play with more dedication? In this สมัคร ufabet game, if we look at the body language of each person. There is still no expression of disappointment or sadness that affects the playing form at all. Even today’s rising stars who are on the field still play with full passion and dedication. But… still can’t answer 100% what will happen in the long term. But if you just look at these 90 minutes. The Reds’ comrades should be ready to turn the tragedy into power to create success in the final round to give as a farewell gift to their boss.

Standing position of Bradley and Trent Arnold

This game is the first match between Liverpool’s attacking right-backs, Corner Bradley. A rising star in form, and Trent Alexander Arnold, the original mainstay who has just recovered from his injury. Field together Many people expected that Klopp would send Bradley to stand at right-back and send Trent to stand in the middle. But in this game, at the end of the game. When both players went on the field together, it was Trent who still played the same role as an invert full back. Waiting to fill the midfield game and push Bradley up to a high position. Like a wing-back and a half-winger, both of them had outstanding performances that caught the eye. We’ll have to wait and see when we meet the real thing in the next game, both against Chelsea and Arsenal. How Klopp will organize himself.

The next round, the players are still waiting for replay.

At halftime during this game, there was a draw for the FA Cup in the next round, with Liverpool playing at home again. Waiting to meet the winner between Watford and Southampton were competing at the same time, but the results Ended with a score of 1-1 and had to wait for replay again. Which is not considered a very difficult task for the Reds were lucky to meet competitors from the second league. While other big teams like Chelsea, if they get past Villa, they will meet with Leeds or Plymouth. Manchester United will meet either Bristol City or Nottingham Forest as favorites. For one, Manchester City will face Luton Town.