Knows the way to tough fish

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 If you want to be good at hunting tough fish and what it is. The direction of its swimming is very important, if it swims directly towards us and there are no other fish in the area. You can use a spider web gun or a missile to deal with it. Try to avoid electric guns because they can’t handle them.

Knows the way to tough fish

Memorize the time to change the scene.

        Although changing the scene will help the player not to feel bored. But did you know that every time the scene changes. The fish in the scene will be reset as well. Therefore, remembering the time to change the scene of the UFABET game will affect us a lot, sometimes shooting to near death and then pushing the scene to turn out to be a waste of time to change the scene, we will take an example from 3 popular fish shooting games, see as an example

– OCEAN KING II every 5 minutes – OCEAN KING II EXK every 6-7 minutes – DRAGON PALACE Wukong every 6-7 minutes

By this time, this is only an estimate, but it is inaccurate at the second level. Players may be reduced by 1 minute to save their own critical ammunition as soon as the boss spawns should see if we can deal with it before the timer runs out or not, it’s better to wait to change the scene.