Knowing the boss well is half the battle won in fish shooting game

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 Although most bosses have stamina, but for fish shooting games, not all. Boss fish that swim slow are often harder to kill. Because their blood is more sturdier than boss fish that swim quickly in and out of the scene. These fish have a faster speed. But it’s easier to kill

        Before we part, we’ll end up together. fish shooting game recipe. The most popular 3 games that every website must have are OCEAN KING II OCEAN KING II EX and DRAGON PACACE Wukong.

Knowing the boss well is half the battle won in fish shooting game

        Let’s start with the fish shooting game OCEAN KING II. In this game, most of the systems are the same as other games. The difference is that fish with ambient lighting are easier to kill than other fish. Which is suitable for using a bolt gun to score points.

        OCEAN KING II EX game will bring OCEAN KING II to add features, whether it is a missile gun from killing a missile crab, which is very easy to kill, but there are many people who steal it. If you want this gun to use, I recommend you to come play late at night. or when there are not many people playing important, do not take a missile gun to kill the boss fish because it is not worth using to shoot small fish that are in groups will make the score faster

       The light-enclosed fish in this game are harder to kill than OCEAN KING II, both fast and tough. Should turn to hunt the pugfish with the surrounding light instead. The golden fish should shoot many people. It will be easier to kill. If you think of killing one person, you will have to carry a lot of luck.

        Let’s end with Fish shooting game formula DRAGON PALACE Wukong or Hong Kong fish shooting game. familiar This game will have Chinese characters appear for us to shoot with a boss-like feature, namely, in and out of the scene. Plus, I don’t know if it’s the same one or not. Should use a double spider web gun to manage, if we can defeat some characters will help kill fish in the scene as well, especially Wukong is known as the UFABET jackpot of the game because It will kill the whole fish in a combo. Helping someone who nearly broke into pieces

       How are you doing with fish shooting game recipe that everyone has been waiting for, who believes that many people would already know How to play fish shooting games to get money. May everyone enjoy and earn money playing fish shooting games that are fun and rich, rich, rich, everyone.