How to play fish shooting game to earn money

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1. Don’t think that the item fish that comes back is the original one.

        Misconceptions that newbies learn to play online fish shooting game It is often thought that the item fish that fell out of the scene and reentered is the same one. In fact, it’s a different person, so anyone who thinks that they will shoot again, do not waste time wasting ammunition. It’s good. Than if thinking about hunting for fish items seriously, let’s play from the moment it enters the scene, it will definitely be more worthwhile.

How to play fish shooting game to earn money
How to play fish shooting game to earn money

2. Some boss types do not reset when entering the scene.

        The speciality of the boss fish is that there are some types of fish that are still the same when entering and exiting the scene, such as fast moving types. Or out of the scene and come back again. How to defeat this type of boss should use electric guns will work better.

3. The same fish unequal stamina

        Another misconception that people who play UFABET online games are the same is that the same fish have the same blood or hardness. Which this idea is a big mistake because in fish shooting games, even if they are of the same type, but their stats or blood are in the specified range, it is not surprising that the fish that just killed it is easier than the one that is shooting. Maybe it’s because it’s more powerful than that.

4. Don’t think about stealing chickens. because it’s useless

        Instead of a game that cheats players, but most of them are on the side of players who try to cheat fish shooting games, especially changing the score after getting items. For example, we shoot small fish that have low scores until getting a special item, changing points after getting a special gun will not be referenced for killing fish, but will be the score used to kill fish items.

5. Don’t waste things by shooting item fish with item guns.

        Some people may have tried to use the item gun to chase the item fish and then ended up eating frustration, losing both guns and ammunition, but didn’t get anything because most games won’t allow players to use it. Item hunting items, but will use items one by one. For example, if using a laser gun to shoot fish items, it will not drop any items until our laser gun destroys the item fish. So it will start to drop items again.