Grade Manchester United’s players, defeating Newport 4-2 in the FA Cup 4th round last night – Player Ratings

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Anthony has been unlocked after scoring 1 and assisting 1, helping Manchester United advance to the FA Cup 5th round.

Grade Manchester United's players, defeating Newport 4-2 in the FA Cup 4th round last night - Player Ratings

Diogo Dalot – 6/10

He moved into midfield or as an inside fullback (Inverted Fullback). In this ยูฟ่าเบท game he made 1 assist, but sometimes it was a bit difficult to play.

Raphael Varane – 5/10

Failed to intercept the ball for the second goal conceded by the team. The defensive game is not outstanding. Statistics after the game indicate that He had 0 clearances, 0 blocked shots, 0 interceptions and 0 tackles.

Lisandro Martinez – 7/10

The defensive game is outstanding. When creating the game, he passes the ball deep. and placed the long ball for Carnacho with precision.

Luke Shaw – 7/10

Returned to play for United for the first time in a month. He played a part in the team’s 1-0 lead in the first half. While in the second half, the game was added to the game, hoping to score a goal before shooting against the post and it was Antoni who scored easily to give the team a 3-2 lead.

Casemiro – 5/10

Returning to the field for the first time since the League Cup game against Newcastle in November. He’s off to a strong start. and read the game well in certain moments But came to lose a yellow card that shouldn’t have been lost in the second half.

Cobby Mainu – 7/10

Scored his first goal for the United senior team at the age of 18 years and just over 9 months.

Alejandro Carnacio – 5/10

Trying to threaten the home of the locals. But sometimes I look down and take care of myself a bit. When should you pay your friend or not? He’s almost certainly a goal scorer. But unfortunately it hit the crossbar.

Bruno Fernandes – 6/10

Finished the score sharply. Pull the trigger for the first time and it will be 1 shot instantly.

Antoni – 6/10

Many people are keeping an eye on him in this game. Because against the 16th place team in League Two, he certainly had his first assist and his first goal of the season. In 23 appearances, his score should have been higher. But when looking deeper into the details It’s still not a satisfactory form. At times he still has the same decision-making problems, lacks quality and is not aggressive enough.

Rasmus Hoylund – 5/10

In the first half, his friends rarely passed the ball to him. He had little offensive involvement and had zero scoring opportunities. But in the second half he was more involved. Get more balls before coming to a simple final blow.

Backup used

Scott McTominay (replacing Casemiro 81) – no points

There isn’t much time in the field.

Willy Kumbwala (replaces Shaw 82nd) ​​- no points

Omari Forson (replacing Antoni 88) – no points

Harry Maguire (in place of Martinez, 89th) – no points

Jonny Evans (replaces Varane, 90+7) – no points