Fish shooting game is not a fortune teller game

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 One of the things new players tend to do late in the day is to give them a near-depleted gunshot. Especially focusing on the tough fish just hoping for the last flute that kills our return, which the chances of scoring less fish kills. It’s best to turn to shoot the small fish even if the score. Less but better for sure

Fish shooting game is not a fortune teller game

Good timing, right time, sure kill.

        Learning the behavior of fish is another matter that players need to pay attention to, whether it’s type, stamina, speed of movement. The direction to the movement patterns when we are shot when we are accurate enough to shoot fish, it will not be difficult anymore. In addition, changing the UFABET gun to suit the fish is important. We need to know when When to use which gun to deal with the fish in front of you?

Watch how other people play.

        Teacher lag is another technique to have with you. Trial and error while in the game is not a very smart way, so the shortcut to a better fish shooting game is to watch for people. How else do you play, focus on shooting what kind of fish? Shoot and score a lot or not? We will plan to shoot the fish right because every bullet is valuable, don’t throw it away.