Choose fish that are easy to kill get sure points

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 Pug fish are mostly fish that are relatively easy to kill, suitable for farming, quick death scores, not unattractive. Although it is not very profitable, but it is not a loss, there are also some fish that if we kill repeatedly, the score may be multiplied.

Choose fish that are easy to kill get sure points

Shots fired at random have less

       Some people hope that shooting with nets will increase the chances of killing more. The answer is very wrong because the bullets we throw out hit each fish a little before they die. We run out of ammunition first. It’s best to keep them one at a time. Slowly but surely, keep watching to see if the fish shot by other people come off in our direction or not. Then use the electric gun to collect the important thing. Do not be negligent. Use the Auto shooting mode because it never gives anyone a good score, but it’s a good waste of ammunition.

Knows the way to tough fish

        If you want to be good at hunting tough fish and what it is. The direction of its swimming is very important, if it swims directly towards us and there are no other fish in the UFABET area, you can use a spider web gun or a missile to deal with it. Try to avoid electric guns because they can’t handle them.