Chile wins! Might go to the World Cup instead of Ecuador

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Unfold the evidence! Daily Mail, the British media broke evidence. Ecuador national team players Using a fake passport to play, which could lead to FIFA exempting the team from the 2022 World Cup and giving Chile the right to play in Qatar instead Thursday will know the result.

Beauty in front of the world cup industry. The famous British media such as the Daily Mail reported earlier that. The Chilean Football Association has asked the International Football Federation (FIFA) to verify the nationality of the players of the Evador national team. Competitors qualifying for the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar. Where FIFA closed its investigation and confirmed in June that Ecuador had retained the rights.

Chile wins! Might go to the World Cup instead of Ecuador

Recently, the Daily Mail, the famous media, did not bite the news. With unequivocal evidence of inaccuracies, including documents And the dialogue that clearly indicates that Byron Castillo. The Ecuador national team right-back. Born in Colombia and using a fake passport to play in the World Cup qualifiers, which the latest FIFA appeals committee Received and prepared to announce the results of the hearing on Thursday. This evidence may be important evidence that Ecuador will be disqualified and Chile will be eligible to play at the World Cup instead.

The report states that Byron Castillo has played in eight World Cup qualifiers. And was reviewed once in 2018 when he was included in the Ecuador youth team. But was confirmed. he has nationality Real Ecuador Until recently, Chile appealed again in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers ago.

The Daily Mail has released important evidence that Byron Castillo once admitted to the media that Across the border from hometown Colombia. The UFABET name has been changed from Beyron Javier Castillo Segura to Byron David Dastalho Segura. With the year 1995 being changed. 1998 when being investigated for the first time

An interview that is the best evidence is an interview with Byron Castillo with officials saying. My friend and I came across the border. To test the pace at San Lorenzo, I was not selected from any team. But my friend who was chosen did not travel. So I went on my behalf, and Marco Zambrano. The owner of Norte America in Ecuador forged a passport to help me.

After that, Byron Castillo signed with Norte America as his first club at youth level. Before stepping up into the big team later Including playing for the national team of Ecuador

Chile hopes to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in place of Ecuador and has played in the opening game against hosts Qatar on November 20, as Castillo played in the qualifying round against Chile, in both games, in which Chile only picked up one point, but if FIFA use the benchmark to declare them a 3-0 win over Ecuador, Chile will move from seventh to fourth in the South American qualifiers. Which is better ranked than Peru with better goal difference But in that case, there has been no statement from FIFA and Ecuador yet.