According to the French media, Deschamps will add Pogba’s name to the World Cup

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Favorite football player! France national team coach Didier Schamps. Paul Pogba will be named in the squad for the 2022 World Cup despite fitness risks because at present. He still suffers and is resting It is expected to return to play in mid-November.

2022 World Cup Final in Qatar To kick off between 20 November and 18 December. The International Football Federation (FIFA) will allow all teams. That have qualified for the finals to submit the names of players will travel to compete by November 13 to prepare documents and evidence first. The match will begin.

According to the French media, Deschamps will add Pogba's name to the World Cup

L’Equipe is a famous French media outlet. news reports on the movement of France’s national team, with Didier Deschamps as a manager, that currently has the main players of the team, Paul Pogba, a high-level football player who is considered one of the favorite players of this coach. with injuries that have to rest for a long time Which is expected to be a long break until the beginning of November ever.

Reports suggest that Pogba is likely to return to Juventus on November 10, with Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri. Has revealed that may have to wait until January to allow Pogba to return to play fully. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will begin in mid-November. May cause his body and fitness to be incomplete.

However, the French national team coach Didier Schamps. I also hope that Paul Pogba is one of the 26 players of the French national team. Went to the World Cup this time, he saw that this high-level football player is very important to the UFABET team. It is also a player that the perfume city manager likes until he has a special status in the team ever.

Paul Pogba, since joining from Manchester United for Juventus in pre-season, has not played due to a miniscus cartilage injury. Which is around the knee at first Pogba chose to treat without surgery. For fear that he would risk losing to the World Cup, but in the end, there was not much progress in recovery. made him decide to undergo surgery and have to rest on the floor for a long time